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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  November 27, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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we get these. it's not out of the norm. it is impressive because it's coming from the tropics. system one lies right there. it's just one right here, in the back half of it right here. as we get into tomorrow or as we get into the morning hours, this radar is going to start to light up. we're going to see winds along the coast especially up by the marine head lands. out on the bay, the winds with this direction could cause some serious problems out on the bridges for the morning commute. so as we go through the next 12 hours, things are really going to start to ramp up. the headlines in tonight. the clouds increase, tomorrow the rain starts in the morning and it's heavy. as we get thursday through sunday there's more rain on the way. we know the timing on tomorrow. it's tomorrow morning. the storms are coming in after this it's going to be a little more uncertain. but i can tell you this it's going to start raining tomorrow morning and it's going to keep raining on and off as we head into sunday night and monday.
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when we come back, i'm going to take that computer model and step you right through. we're going to bring you the timing as we see it for the morning commute. >> tonight, rain will be the main event prompting flooding near water ways. ken pritchett brings us the preparations. >> reporter: the waves in the past hour have picked up a bit but the story as you said could be the winds with this first round of storm. the national weather service issuing a gail wind warning with winds topping 60 miles per hour. bradford jet was going after crab at ocean beat today. >> there's one on there can you tell. >> reporter: and he was having some luck getting in some last minute crabbing before the storm. >> a friend of mine just told me there's a storm coming. he's trying to baton down the hatches in the east bay. >> reporter: we found surfers doing what they could before the weather turns.
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the coast guard is urging boaters to ensure boats are secure . this crew workers was making sure leaves were up before tomorrow's storm. >> we're picking them up. if they fall we pick them up again. >> reporter: hundredsover storm drains were being cleared to prevent flooding it'll be all hands on deck tomorrow. >> we have the crews on call. nobody is going to get a day off tomorrow. we want to make sure we can get to the problems as quickly as we can. >> reporter: for more on the storm preparations in the north bay, let's send it to cara liu in marin county. >> reporter: preparations going on right now include sandbags. we are here at fire station two in san rafael and this mother of two just pulled up to fill up some sandbags for her home. trying to keep water out of her garage. >> in san anselmo folks
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seriously having lived through major flooding in 2005. >> my flood has flooded twice. >> reporter: holston was one of many filling sandbags near the tennis courts. >> i'm three feet off the ground but my floor heater is underneath the house. so if i put sandbags around it i can probably keep from losing it. >> reporter: workers focused around the creek near downtown san anselmo. >> we worked on trees and make sure all the leaves were cleared. >> reporter: cutting branches away from power lines. >> these leaves are still on the tree in many cases. when the wind kicks up, these leaves will act as a sail and in many cases can even bring healthy trees down into power lines. >> reporter: pg & e says workers are monitoring the storm hour by hour as soon as the first system hits the bay area, crews will be working around the clock with extra staffing in trouble spots. >> we expect this storm to hit
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hardest out of all the bay area counties here in marin and parts down on the peninsula as well. >> pg & e recommends filling extra bottles and freezing them in case the power goes out you have a way to keep your food fresh for longer and fresh batteries aren't a bad idea either. >> and follow us on facebook. our crew will be keeping you updated. family and friends of the victims of the oikos university are dedicating a memory garden at the university. the garden is in memory of the six students and school secretary who were gunned down on april 2nd allegedly by a
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former nursing student. defense attorneys for that suspected shooter goh say he is not competent to stand trial. a court appointed psychiatrist diagnosed goh as a paranoid schizophrenic. a court judge is suspending his decision until he gets a second opinion. oakland police released a chilling cell phone video that could have caused a couple their lives. police say the husband and wife were driving on foothill boulevard yesterday when they started recording an erratic driver. you can see here a man in the other car pointing a gun right at the couple. the couple called 911 and drove off the gunman followed them. one man even got into their car and demanded they hand over their phone. after a struggle and shots fired, the couple got away unharmed. police later arrested james crosby and michael meadows. milpitas police say they have a major clue in their search for a gunman who fired at an officer today. this is the stolen silver honda accord that police say that gunman was driving. a milpitas officer pulled the
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driver over for a traffic violation just before 2:00 this morning. the driver opened fire but the officer was not hit. the gunman got away. the district attorney's office charged a 15-year-old boy as an adult in connection with a fatal shooting. as well as injuring a police officer and burglarizing two businesses. his accomplice has been arraigned but has not yet entered a plea. tonight san francisco is remembering the late mayor macone and harvey milk with a candlelight vigil and march. after speeches and songs, the group will walk to the castro district where milk had a camera store before he was elected to the board of supervisors. the assassinations of mayor mascone and supervisor milk
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rocked the area. the gunman was supervisor wise. the santa clara medical examiner said jesus huerta died saturday on san tomas expressway. huerta crossed the center divide and crashed head on into another vehicle. a cyber hacker has stolen thousands of credit card numbers at ej fair brewery. people are reporting fraudulent charges ranging from just a few dollars to nearly $1,000. the general manager tells ktvu the hacker gained access to the brewery's wireless internet. the brewery has shut down the system and is now asking customers to cancel credit and debit cards as a precaution. oakland is trying something new in its ongoing battle with graffiti. paul chambers is live now in oakland with a different tactic the city is using to target taggers, paul.
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>> julie, graffiti is a huge problem in the city of oakland. take a look at it yourself. this entire side of the building has been defaced but today the city council members and business owners took the first step at combating the problem. you can see graffiti almost everywhere you look. an eyesore to many especially the owner of mido a new restaurant near jack london square. >> we selected the color because we wanted to kind of beautify this corner. it's bad enough we get a lot of trash that's dumped here on the side. >> reporter: silvi kwra mccollow and her husband opened the restaurant two years ago, since then they have spent a lot of money painting over the graffiti. >> being a brand new restaurant we're just struggling to you know, stay afloat inside. we're focusing on the restaurant. >> a lot of graffiti goes up and takes a lot of time, kind of messes up the neighborhood i feel like a little bit. but we end up painting over it
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a couple of times a month. >> reporter: business owners feel like they're at the mercy of the taggers and now the city. the city is proposing an ordnance that will require the business owners to paint the graffiti or face a fine. >> they feel like they're getting victimized twice. first because they face a fine and second because someone violated their property. >> they will pay a fine starting at $1,000. the tough problem they said is actually fining these people but this is one step they hope to get them off the streets. live in oakland, i'm paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. napa, san mateo and santa clara have won a lawsuit
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against kentucky fried chicken. the da's say that kfc installed a gas line improperly. these lights are about to go up on the high wires. and it will impress the entire world. an exclusive look at an art project that will light up the bay area skyline. >> not just your average aircraft. we will reveal how it can prevent another plane crash like this in the bay area..
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carnival cruise lines is changing course after alerting some passengers that an upcoming cruise hosted by drag queens would be drag free. new at 6:00, ktvu's john sasaki spoke to one man who says the whole thing here is making him feel unsafe about his upcoming trip. >> reporter: christian figueroa was at work in san francisco today but he was likely thinking about this weekend's vacation. >> it's going from miami to puerto rico and a few of the other island down there. >> reporter: but it's not just any cruise. it's a carnival cruise on a ship called glory with famous cross dresser ru paul and his show called drag race. >> it was billed as a drag race cruise which to me says
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costumeish. >> reporter: but yesterday fuigeroa received this e-mail that shocked him. >> passengers are not allowed to dress in drag at any time during the cruise. >> reporter: and it included a threat for anyone who cross dressed. fuigeroa and his husband were floored. >> the tone of the letter was that they were trying to be sensitive to family, but we're a family. >> reporter: carnival had recanted the policy and offered refunds saying quote we sincerely apologize for any miscommunication and for any unintend offense. >> at this point i don't want to be on the cruise.
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would be homeowners in contra costa county could be eligible for some much needed help. wells fargo announced a down payment program today for low income residents who buy in nine bay area cities including richmond, concord and antioch. >> it's a great holiday season experience where 250 families are going to get a $20,000 down payment toward stabilizing many of the neighborhoods in oakland and in surrounding cities. >> reporter: wells fargo will be taking applications at the oakland convention center december 7th and 8th. we're told buyers who live in the home for at least five years won't have to pay back that down payment loan. google has launched a new campaign against a proposed tax on search engines. the measure in germany would require search engines there to pay every time they link to copy writed context. google is asking users in germany to sign an online petition against that proposed tax. pg & e is teaming up with
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researchers at uc davis to test new technology to spot leaks in gas transmission lines. researchers are using sensors mounted on small airplanes to test leaks. scientists say the goal is to find a less expensive more reliable way to pinpoint problems. a multimillion dollars art project is taking shape on the bay bridge tonight. only on 2, ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar live on treasure island with the up close look that he got at the high tech art show destined for the new western span, tom. >> reporter: indeed, you know the vertical cables on this side of the bridge are exactly this wide and tonight crews are up there about the business of trying to put lights on every one of them. >> reporter: here's your exclusive look at legend
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theatrical. a company that lights theaters and buildings nationwide. it's the ultra high tech electronic art system who's ever changing design will illuminate the bay bridge. >> what we do is make sure it works. and when it arrives on the bridge that it works. >> 400 to 600 light fixtures, so we're hoping to finish installing by mid-february. >> reporter: but the lights are only a part of it. >> we have 100,000 feet of wiring. we are fiberoptic for the networking system. >> reporter: with five lights per pod, there are a grand total of 125,000 lights in all but they are so energy efficient, the entire group will run for $4.25 an hour. the entire project paid by
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private donors. >> i encourage people to join this project of generosity. >> reporter: you can sponsor a light in the name of a friend, family member or cause to finish up if private fund raising. and help the economy that this free epic work will help. >> it will generate jobs. two of the $8 million needed to finish the project still need to be raised. all in all quite a project. reporting live consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. and has video of what the bay bridge light show will look like when it's all done. just look under the hot topics on our home page. some breaking news right now in the east bay. students are protesting tonight on the uc berkeley campus. we want to show you live pictures right now from the scene. these brought to us by news chopper 2 of that protest. the demonstration appears to be over the proposed demolition of
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the building you just saw there with banners unfurled coming out of the windows. we do have calls into the school and campus police to try to figure out tonight why students are gathering here and holding this protest. again live pictures here. you can see some banners that protesters have unfurled from this building. officers are now blocking the entrance to that building. we're working to get more information and we will bring you more details as we get them. the rain and wind for the morning commute. i've got all the radars lit up in california. let's go to live storm tracker 2. up in eureka, you have radar here, you have your davis radar, your reno radar and the radar down the mountains. in the next 12 hours these radars are going to start to light up. eureka first then sacramento then the davis or san jose. the first thing you will notice late tonight will be those winds. late tonight the winds are already going to 30 miles per hour.
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watch what happens in the morning, 7:00 a.m. i've got 44-mile an hour winds down in half-moon bay. that's big. those are big winds. the model comes up with less wind as we get past the 11:00 hour. that's because we're going to have frontal pass. the winds die down after that. they'll be blowing but not as strong. we could easily see tomorrow along the coast gusts close to 60 miles per hour. easily. this first system is all about the morning commute. it's all about the wind and it's all about heavy rain especially in the north bay. and in the hills of the coast. so this is how it goes. by lunchtime it's kind of winding down. in the morning. tune in tomorrow morning they're here at 4:30. steve paulson is here and mark tamayo is going to come in and help steve out because they're going to be tracking this thing in the morning hours. system number two rolls in here as we head into thursday. a second system will focus on the north bay. it'll have some wind but not as windy.
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system number one, times out like this, wednesday morning. here's the first wave. here's the second wave, back here see those reds. the wind is high at 6:00 a.m. as we get to 8:00 a.m. the wind is all over you. the second wave coming in. that's when you might hear some thunder, see a lightning pop. the commute is a mess, right. no question. and then the back edges here that's 11:00 a.m. lunchtime. then it's up in the mountains. the next system tees up for thursday. forecast highs tomorrow, you know you have clouds and you have rain but you're still doing low 60s. that's a warm storm. i remember the el nino year, this isn't an el nino year but that was a strong one. very warm moist air. the morning commute that's the story as we go into tomorrow. thursday looks like it's going to be mostly a north bay event and friday, saturday and sunday remain to be seen. we have to wait till we get closer to those days but it's going to rain.
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the santa clara valley transportation authority is proposing to extend light rail to the town of los gatos. the extension would connect the winchester to a new hacienda station. they estimate there would be 1,600 riders on that new extension. and the race against time for some. >> boots are rolling into fisherman's wharf trying to gear up before the storm hits. >> and a musical instrument from a famous movie could be yours if you can afford the extensive price tag. >> the record this long serving senator just set. uz
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senator dianne feinstein has received more votes than any other senator in u.s. history. the secretary of state's office says feinstein received 7,295,972 votes november 6. that breaks the record set by california senator barbara boxer back in 2004. mark is here now, we're
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talking about the 49ers but not the quarterback controversy. something much more serious here. >> yeah they've been spending so much time talking about that. the fans the media. forgetting the fact they lost two key players in this past sunday's victory over the new orleans saints and it happened on one single play. two players gone. kyle williams out for the year with a torn left acl. he goes down as does kendell hunter running back with what is being reported as a torn achilles tendon both placed on injured return meaning they cannot return this season. meantime a good side of the story, best line backing crew in football and they're going to make sure they stay together. navarro bowman joining phillips and brooks as they wrap up bowman with a five year extension on his contract worth $45.2 million. 25.25 of it guaranteed.
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number 53 on these highlights leading the team with tackles. an absolutely beast and willis are just something else to watch on defense. >> marine -- meantime the oakland a fans are very appreciative. and they have voted $34,235 and 10-cents to various local bay area charities as well as some national charities as well in a gesture of holiday spirit. so the oakland a players they didn't go all the way and make that 377,000 like the giants but what they did get they give away. >> that's a good story. >> mark, thank you. and thank you for joining us tonight. we continue to watch the series of storms taking aim at the bay area. we'll have the very latest tonight at 10:00.
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